Love Letter to Our Staff: A Spotlight

Assistant Editors Hannah Kekst (left), and Matthew Bettencourt (right)

Dear Reader,

From the students who coped with constantly shifting circumstances and lack of normalcy this year, to the families who have been kept apart, to the work force facing frightening instability - it seems none of us have been able to catch a break in 2020. Our journal was no exception. With a few bumps on our path to publishing the stand out content we received last spring, The Madison Review is proud to finally release our virtual edition, which can be viewed here:

We are excited to present these fantastic pieces, and looking forward to publishing the incredible work we are already beginning to select for our next publication.

To the authors and artists who have been exceedingly gracious as we tackle complications - Emma and I, and the rest of the staff, are grateful for your patience and your submissions. Your continued support is invaluable.

In publishing, it would be amiss if we did not take a breath to praise two people who were instrumental in our accomplishments this fall. There are two individuals this semester who held us together. Who, when given the opportunity, stepped into leadership roles and poured heart and soul into what this group does. Both students with wildly busy lives, these two have remained glowing members of our team.

To Hannah Kekst, who took on the task of physically putting the magazine together almost entirely on her own, we are speechless at your drive. During a decidedly overwhelming semester, Hannah took the time to carefully and lovingly craft our publication. Her artistic skillset, organized process, and commitment to the content are the only reason we were able to publish. She worked tenaciously this semester. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

And to Matt Bettencourt, a true leader on our staff, thank you for being our linchpin. Matt started by taking over the Twitter account, expanding our community and making valuable connections between fellow journals, readers, and authors alike. He puts immense time into the research, planning, and execution of every project happening behind the scenes at MR. He always has one eye on the bigger picture, and his work has kept us running.

These two continue to inspire. During an unimaginably difficult year, they have blown away every expectation. They remind me how valuable even these limited virtual connections and shared spaces can be. Week in and week out, our staff is energized and engaged, and they provide the light we need to keep going. We truly have a fantastic group of students putting this journal together, with the help of our irreplaceable advisor Ron Kuka.

Finally, to my counterpart, Emma Cholip, your support means the world. Your love for our group and unmatched dedication move me. Thank you.

Go check out the Fall 2020 edition of The Madison Review (Volume 45 no. 1)! And please, join us TOMORROW (Thursday, December 17th, at 7:00 PM) to hear from the authors of this edition as they read aloud and chat with us about their work. Feel free to hop into our Zoom call as we celebrate the work accomplished this semester.


Co-Editor, Fiction, Chloe Christiaansen

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